Activities of Karditsa Mental Health Mobile Unit

The scientific staff of Karditsa Mental Mental Mobile Unit was invited by the Director of the 2nd Elementary School of Sofades to give an interactive speech to students on internet addiction.

Recognizing the increasing need for safe navigation on the internet, which is an integral part of children’s everyday life, Mrs Stamou, Psychologist, and Mrs. Chioti, Social Worker, informed students of the unlimited possibilities of the Internet and its challenges. Internet is a “magical” world of incredible possibilities for information, communication, entertainment and a valuable tool that facilitates our lives. But it can become highly addictive. It is difficult for a child to understand that s/he is addicted because of the popularity of this activity; thus caution and regulation is required.

The Scientific Staff of Karditsa Mental Health Mobile Unit is certified through “ARIADNI” Program of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens on Training Mental Health Professionals on Adolescent’s Internet Addiction and Risks from Uncontrolled Use and can provide any information. Contact at 24410-22310 or 183 Trikalon Street.