Protected Apartment

Apostoli established and operates a Protected Apatment in the area of Kypseli, as part of continuing and strengthening the national policy on mental reform, via the act entitled “Establishment of 192 additional places in new Protected apartments in gradual exit regions” of the O.P. Development of Human Resources 2007-2013.

The Protected Apartment is a facility of psychosocial rehabilitation where four of the most functional residents of the Boarding House catering for 15 chronic Mentally Ill Patients of Apostoli, being the last link between the therapy and the social reintegration of the patients.

The multi-sectoral therapeutic team from the Boarding House catering for 15 chronic Mentally Ill Patients of Apostoli supports the four residents wishing to achieve their maximum possible independence, autonomy and effectiveness to function successfully in the community and reaching full independence.

More specifically, therapeutic interventions on a personal and group level are applied. The groups are the following: “Open Market”, “Cooking”, “Community”, “Emergencies”, “Making Useful Objects” and “Cultural Outings”.

To thus achieve the integration of the residents in the community, co-operations with bodies, such as the local Friendship Club and the interconnection with mental health services, are supported by entering into Cooperation Memorandums with Day Centers in adjacent regions.