Day Center, Argostoli, Kefallonia

The Mental Health Day Center in Argostoli operates as a unit providing therapeutic care and help the psychosocial rehabilitation of adults who are suffering from mental health problems related both to the condition but also their social functionality.
The Day Center provides treatment and rehabilitation services for mental health problems for people with severe and chronic mental disorders living on the islands of Kefallonia and Ithaca. It offers therapeutic socialization groups, film group, hygiene group. In the awareness framework of the community, the Center trains adults on mental health issue, provides information of the local priests and publishes articles in the local Press.
Finally, it carries out scientific research and it closely cooperates with the Mobile Mental Health Unit that is also active in the region.

Help Line for Psychological Support and Intervention in the Crisis

800 113 7777

Argostoli Day Center provides diverse services for people with mental conditions, and at the same time is a meeting, creation and communication place for all in need of support and help.
The beneficiaries and their families in cooperation with the inter-disciplinary therapeutic group can share their experiences and concerns to learn to deal with their daily difficulties.
Furthermore, the Day Center, provides advice for people of vulnerable social groups, people with financial, social, business or personal problems, as well as children, parents and adolescents.

Our targets …

  • Dealing with mental health problems at the level of primary care
  • Increase of the treatment effectiveness and preventing relapses
  • Improving the social capabilities of people with mental difficulties by increasing their social skills and engagement
  • Care and psychosocial rehabilitation of people with severe mental disorders and concomitant psychosocial problems
  • Providing information and awareness for the community on mental health issues to decrease stigma and discriminations
  • Prevention of mental health issues via school programs, programs at work and neighborhoods
  • Support of vulnerable social groups

Provided services …

  • Psychological support (information, personal, group or family psychotherapy)
  • Psychiatric (psychotherapy, medical treatment)
  • Social (welfare issues, professional mobilization and rehabilitation)
  • Nursing (care, functionality restoration, health education, diet education)
  • Occupational therapy (art therapy, constructions, socialization skills)
  • Consultancy (personal or group)

Our actions …

  • Therapeutic Intervention
  • Timely evaluation,
  • diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders

Systematic treatment and follow-up

Development of Co-operations

In the framework of a community approach in health issues, Argostoli Day Center cooperates with Psychiatric Hospitals, Psychiatric Clinics of General Hospitals, intermediate rehabilitation facilities, such as Pensions and Boarding Houses, Day Centers, Special Social Reintegration Centers, Local Authorities, Local Police Stations, Parents’ Associations, Volunteers’ Networks, Universities and Mass Media etc