APOSTOLI to the earthquake victims of Lesvos

APOSTOLI and General Director Mr. Dimtsas are on Lesvos from the very first moment that the island began to count its wounds after the earthquake.

The Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Mr.  Ieronymos, stands next to the needs of the people whose homes collapsed at Vrissa, Plomari and elsewhere and strengthens the efforts of the Holy Metropolises of Mytilene, Eresos and Plomari to provide assistance.

Humanitarian aid, comprising of dozens of tons of food, clothing and bottled water, is delivered by APOSTOLI to meet immediate needs, as recorded.

Mr. Dimitsas visited Vrissa and the villages of Plomari to speak with the people and cooperates closely with the local authorities, the army and the Eminent Metropolitan of Mytilene, Eressos and Plomari, Mr. Iakovos.