We support our youth in their right for hope and a better future

“We support youth in Greece, who despite difficulties and adversities, are determined to stay here and strive and endeavour to realize their dreams”. This is the message of “Apostoli”, the charity and development organization of the Archdiocese of Athens. The message is based on the true story of two young women from Athens.


The two sisters, Lemonia and Stavroula from Athens, faced the headwinds of unemployment, poverty and migration. Instead of eventually having to migrate abroad, they decided to reinvigorate and modernize a small business, an artisanship of baby stuff belonging to their family. For being able to do this, they needed a set of new sewing machines, which “Apostoli” provided them with through an ongoing innovative programme which combines the principles of charity with those of development and self-sufficiency.


The message of “Apostoli” is a call and an invitation to all of us to stand by Greece’s youth who decide to stay here and venture to make a new beginning, investing their time, energy and creativity in order to implement their ideas and plans and secure a better future for themselves and for Greece.


“This generation must not be condemned to live worse than the previous one. We ought to give a helping hand to them, to support them in an active way in order to have the hope and the chances for a better future,” underlined the Director-General of “Apostoli” Mr. Constantine Dimtsas, referring to this innovative programme of support and development, implemented by “Apostoli” in co-operation with the International Orthodox Christian Charities-IOCC, aiming at helping small local businesses and cooperatives at large.


Since 2014 the programme has been able to provide producing equipment of more than € 1.3 million to 84 different small businesses and cooperatives across Greece. The small artisanship of Lemonia and Stavroula is one of them.


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